MONOLUME Needle for Oocyte/ Ovarian cyst aspiration

MONOLUME Needle for Oocyte/ Ovarian cyst aspiration

Product Code: 770311

Code needle size needle length
770311 17 G 330 mm
770312 16 G 330 mm

10 pcs. per box. Single packaged, single use, Beta sterilized and CE marked.

For atraumatic oocyte aspiration in IVF procedures. Recommended also for ovarian cyst aspiration. Single lumen needle without tubing set. Echogenic tip with atraumatic bevel (1). A luer lock adapter (2) serves as finger grip and allows a safe syringe connection. The two orientation wings aligned with tip bevel aid the operator during penetration phase and increase tip control. Provided with universal adapter (3) allowing multiple connections. Colour coding for easy identification: light blue connector for 16G and white connector for 17G.

MONOLUME is MEA (mouse embryo assay) and LAL (endotoxin) tested.