CIBESMED is an SME in the medical sector which has managed to remain independent of the large groups. Its position as a challenger in the market and its human scale allow it to have great flexibility of action and speed of adaptation.

The company has three divisions:

The first division is responsible for the design, implementation and distribution of single-use medical devices, including medical supplies for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, medical practices, industry and private clients (B2B and B2C). We specialise particularly in gynaecology, assisted reproduction, mesotherapy, as well as in the manufacture of cryogenic boxes and storage systems (cryoboxes, cryoracks etc.).

Packaging Division We design, produce and certify isothermal packaging according to the specifications given by our customers. We also offer pre-certified solutions from our own range of packaging. This range includes cold chain solutions and complete kits for the transport of biological samples at frozen, chilled or ambient temperatures, according to regulations and standards in force. The packages are approved and approval certificates have been issued for transport.

Service Division: to meet the growing demands of our customers, we provide numerous services:

  • Complete management of medical waste (UN 3291). We organise this with you and according to your needs, collecting your medical waste at daily, weekly or monthly intervals. We offer a comprehensive solution, from the provision of collectors for your infectious waste (3 lt, 5 lt, 30 lt, 50 lt and 60 lt) until their incineration in a licensed centre.
  • Preparation of kits for your clinical trials. We have regular orders from companies operating in the field of clinical trials, for which we prepare various kits for Phases II and III, according to their specifications. We offer a variety of solutions ranging from management of your entire supply chain (procurement, storage, packaging and delivery of kits) to simple management on your site of the components necessary for the assembly of your kits.
  • Preparation of orders for medical practices: we do the order picking for orders sent by medical practices to medical laboratories, on behalf of the latter. We offer various levels of integration, ranging from total care of your logistics flows (procurement, goods inwards, inventory management, order preparation and deliveries) to more partial support, according to your needs (e.g. preparation of orders without stock management).
  • Delivery on site of our packaging kits for your controlled and frozen temperature transport needs. We deliver to your site our expanded polystyrene boxes containing dry ice or cold packs, ready for your shipments. You no longer have to manage the ordering and storage of dry ice; we bring you a ready-made solution for the dispatch of your biological samples.

We study all new requests for outsourcing services with great care, to bring you the most economical solution and the one best suited to your needs.